Where the Monsters Roam

Where the Monsters Roam

Where the Monsters Roam

Architect Pirro Ligorio competed the Cathedral of Saint Peter in Rome after the death of Michelangelo.  Pirro was an amazing architect but he created a place so unusual, it was strange for back then in the Renissance and even more strange now.  The park is called the park of wonders and is a mix between reality and mythology.  The park is in Bomarzo, Lazio, Italy.  


The Park of Monsters

Pirro created a park that has strange mythological creatures sculpted into the surroundings.  The park celebrates mythology and the struggle between good and evil.  Some of the sculptures in the park include Hercules in battle, Jupiter, dragon, pegasus, cerberes and various monsters.  The park opened in 1552.


How to Feel Like the World is Much Bigger

As we grow-up we learn that many of the fun aspects of life aren't quite true.  Often the magic of myth goes away to the doldrums of reality.  Thank God for places like this in the world.  Places where our imaginations can go wild and we can learn that maybe myths do exist.


 All images are from www.bomarzo.net

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