What is a Squash Blossom?

What is a Squash Blossom?

Is it a Food Dish?

Well, yes and no, it is a type of food dish, but that is not the type of squash blossom we are talking about here today.  The squash blossom that I'm referring to is the Native American necklace.

Fine Native American Silversmiths

If you have ever seen real Native American jewelry and crafts you know just how cool and elaborate they can be.  Southwest jewelry has a distinct look with bold use of gemstones like turquoise and coral.  It is believed that the first tribe to start silver making was the Navajo.

So what is a Squash Blossom?

Squash Blossoms are necklaces with a upside down horseshoe at the center and beads that appear to be flowering around the necklace.  This unusual "flowering" bead is what give the squash blossom their name.  This style of bead probably originated from similar Spanish designs of pomegranate.  The upside down horseshoe is known as a naja.  The naja is a good luck symbol.  The first Squash Blossom necklaces are said to have appeared in Navajo design sometime after 1880.  


Squash Blossom became really popular in the 1970's.  They became so popular that besides tribes making squash blossoms, people decided to cash in and start making replica squash blossoms.  Copying the Native American design and sometimes even claiming that the necklace was made by Native Americans.  Today, the Squash Blossom is still a popular design.  The majority of these necklaces are actually being made in China.  So, if you are interested in getting an authentic squash blossom, be careful and check where the necklace actually comes from.

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