The Oh So Mysterious Coral Castle

The Oh So Mysterious Coral Castle

The Coral Castle

The castle is not made of coral, it is Limestone.  They are right, Coral Castle sounds a lot cooler than the limestone castle.  Coral Castle is rumored to be a mysterious place, where one man created a castle out of giant blocks of limestone.  These giant blocks weigh tons.  The blocks where moved my a man that was 5 ft tall and weighed 100 pounds.  


Ed Leedskalin

Ed was born in Latvia in 1887.  He was engaged to a 16 year-old who didn't really want to marry him, because he was 10 years older and she felt he was too old for her.  He became so depressed he left Latvia and wondered around North America.  Ed would never forget his "sweet sixteen" and he dedicate the castle to his sweet sixteen Agnes Scuffs.


The Engineering Marvel

Coral Castle is in Homestead, Florida, really close to a great bbq place called Shivers.  Alas this post is not about delicious food, but Coral Castle.  The castle is considered an engineering marvel.  It is often compared to Stonehenge and the great pyramids because of the mystery on how it was built.  Coral Castle was originally known as Rock Gate Park.  If you are hanging around South Florida, the castle is worth the visit.  When visiting, you feel like you are in a lost and forgotten world.  You can visit the Coral Castle website.



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