The Octopus of the Deep Pendant

Getting Creative

While I was painting an octopus, I thought to myself, it would be really cool to make up an octopus pendant.  The thing was I didn't want it to be the usual cartoon pendant.  The weird combination of looking like it belonged in a Saturday morning cartoon along with grass like looking legs.  No, I was going to create an octopus pendant that looked like a real octopus.

The Octopus Pendant

The coolest thing about an octopus is all the tentacles.  The tentacles really give life to the sea creature.  I wanted to have the tentacles all over the place.  This would really create great movement and life.  I decided to even have the tentacles hold up the octopus pendant, as if the octopus was holding itself onto the necklace.  I wanted to have fun with this pendant and decided to have the octopus holding a skull.  This would give that menacing look to the octopus.  

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