The Meaning Behind the Fleur De Lis

The Meaning Behind the Fleur De Lis

That Symbol on the Saint's Football team.

The symbol of the fleur de lis is something we see often, but many of us don't really know where the fleur de lis comes from.  We see it on almost anything that comes from New Orleans, even their professional football team.  Most people know what meanings a symbol has for example, a cross or a star of David,  but most of us really don't know what is the story behind the fleur de lis.

New Orleans and the Fleur De Lis

The fleur de lis means a lot to our friends from New Orleans because it identifies their French roots.  There really isn't a more French city in the United States than the Big Easy, New Orleans.  That French culture goes far into American history, heck, even before New Orleans was part of America.  New Orleans, became American through the purchase of the Louisiana Purchase by President Thomas Jefferson.  New Orleans was mostly French and Spanish and really different from America in general.  This

Yes, It Does Have Something to do with Flowers

The fleur de lis means flower of the lily.  The image is of a stylized lily or lotus flower.  The fleur de lis was used mostly by French royalty.  The flower was a gift at the baptism of Clovis I (466-511).  The flower was a golden lily given by an angel.  Other stories say that the Virgin Mary was the one who gave the flower to the King.  The flower became the symbol of the Kingdom of France.

The Golden Flower

Where did the golden flower come from?  Well, the legend says that the flower come from a very special place indeed.  The golden flower is said to be the last flower from the Garden of Eden.  The symbol is as strong a symbol now as it ever was.  The Fleur de lis represents the last golden flower from the Garden of Eden.

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