The Legend of the Horned Cheetah

The Legend of the Horned Cheetah

The Horned Cheetah

My breath was taken aback tired from the long journey through the Sahara.  I reaches a forbidden place.  I heard a light shuffling.  A sound I probably would have never heard if it where not in this place, this unworldly place.  The shadow of the creature made me think it was a large and powerful stag.  This was not a stag though, the shadows danced from glowing lights that seemed to come from the antlers.  The creature was not afraid of me.  It was as if it was I was a peasant in the creature's kingdom.

The Sahara 

There are places in his world that do not belong in this world.  Life is filled with surprises.  In the midst of the Sahara desert is one such place.  The Sahara it self, a vast desert, is like another planet.  It is as if we have Mars, right here on earth.  This environment quickly shows you how little humankind means to nature. 



Having traveled through the desert I must have been in Mauritania.  After traveling so long I had to rest.  The land in front of me no longer seemed like land anymore, but instead seemed to me a giant celestial eye.  This large eye was filled with deep and rich blues almost like a spectacular opal.  What made this feel otherworldly was the circular, Saturn like rings.  It was in this environment that the horned cheetah appeared.  


Dusk becomes the Eternal Night

Dusk quickly became night.  Night became a pool of stars and I was floating in the cosmos.  In the center of the rings, the shadow with the three flickering lights came towards me.  This was not normal, frankly nothing had been normal.  It was as if mother nature, no mother universe had appeared in this sacred place.  The creature had looked up towards me.  Her eyes were an intense yellow that seduced the soul.  As the creature stared at me, I made out some of her features.  She was a cheetah with stag like antlers.  The flickering lights came from the antlers.  Time and the universe became one.


Earth's Lost Places

There is a mystical creature out in the places we don't travel.  One such creature is the the horned cheetah.  I had no idea of it's existence, no books talk of it only old myths from the Tuareg tribes.  Even in their circles the horned cheetah is something not to speak of.  So maybe if you travel, you might find more than yourself.

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