The Injury: A Tale of the Un-Awesome

The Injury: A Tale of the Un-Awesome

The Injury

A while ago I injured my hand.  Before the injury, life was good and there was no sign that the day was going to go South.  This shows you how quickly life can change.  Luckily my hand should have a full recovery, but it has been a long journey.

I'm an Artist

I'm an artist to the core.  My being is centered around art.  Most of that art involves the use of my right hand.  With my injury I couldn't really use my right hand.  I might have tried, if you check out our Snap Chat you will see.  Everyday I would create something, doodle a board design or plan out the next shirt.  Some days I would paint giant canvases.  The only thing I'm good at now it seems is typing.

Sometimes it is the Small Things

The pain from my hand would also cause me to loose focus.  I would also have to take pain medication from time to time to deal with the pain.  Luckily, that stage is gone and now I just have to wait for my hand to finish healing.  While I have always known the injury was a temporary setback, it is amazing how much it has effected me mentally.  Being unable to create really has taken a toll on me.  

As Figment Said, "Imagination"

To cool my creative life, I decided to try and make metal pictures of all my designs.  I might not be able to write, but I figured I could still create.  I would carefully layout designs and paintings in my head.  Hopefully, I won't forget any of these cool concepts.  

Humble Pie

After all the ups and downs, I have been at peace with my injured hand.  Yes, it sucks, but it has finally gotten better.  The injury made me realize just how much we have that we often take for granted. 

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