The Glacier that is Hemorrhaging Blood

The Glacier that is Hemorrhaging Blood

The Bloody Glacier

Taylor Glacier in Memurdo Dry Valley, which is located in Antarctica is bleeding everywhere.  The "blood" stains a large portion of the ice.  Well at least it looks like blood.  The water is not blood, but dark reddish brown water.  It might not be a Biblical event, but the story behind the blood is just as interesting.

One in a Million?  Dry Two Million

The red water has been trapped under the Taylor Glacier for over two million years.  The water is iron-rich and salty and it has been trapped under 1,300 feet of ice.  What is in the water?  Microorganisms.  These microorganisms have been trapped fro two million years in an oxygen deprived location.  Scientist have been studying the organisms since the bloody glacier was discovered.    

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