Summer is Here and We've got your oh so sweet Flip-Flops Right Here.

Summer Fun Flip-Flop Time

It is the Summer and it is time to enjoy the sun.  What better way to enjoy the sun and fun then with some super cool flip-flops.  Yeah, flip-flops might seem boring, they are simple and come in generally a few colors.  Do not fret my friends, I have come up with and awesome flip-flop.  

Fish Sticks

One of the coolest fish you see around is the flying fish.  The funny thing is that you don't see it that often in art and designs.  I made sure I would change all of that with my artwork, "Fish Sticks".  The blue design featuring flying all around showcase the unique design of the flying fish.  

The Meaning 

Fish Sticks was painted because of my interest in something as funky as flying fish.  I mean, here you have a fish, that can fly!  Well glide would be the correct term.  The fish are all blue except one red one.  You could think red fish blue fish, but it is not from that.  The red fish sticks out.  The red fish is the rebel.

Walk on

Have flip-flops ever had so much meaning?  At least I don't think so.  Enjoy your pair of this summertime treat.  Give the phrase "art walk" new meaning with these cool sandals.  Enjoy!


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