Let's Talk Time

Time is a standard unit, like a pound or millimeter, it can be measured.  Pounds by weight, millimeters by distance and time is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.  The point is that time has standard units.  The thing is we feel time.  Our brains might know it is a standard unit, but time feels slow or time can feel fleeting.  The think is our brain tricks us.  It make fun go by fast and the boring times go by slow.

Visual Aid

Art can be seen as the ultimate magic trick.  Artist take things like paper and canvas and make them tell a story.  They give us reasons to believe, reasons to fight.  Art is emotional and it is our brains tricking us once again.  Look at perspective and shadow, the artist uses this to create the illusion and tell his or her story.  

It is All Relative

Life is an interesting place and our perceptions make it more interesting.  Our brains slow down time in order to concentrate.  Time speeds up when our brain is having fun and it can go into autopilot.  Everyone sees art differently, our past, our nurturing all gives us a unique story behind what we see.  A painting of a father, might have a meaning to someone who has been abused or might create a sense of happiness in others who have a great experience with their father.   Take that image of the skull with a top hat I have at the beginning of this post.  Some might call it creepy, other will think it is funny, some might like it and others will think it is total garbage.  The same painting different feelings, different point of views.  The same art, the same exact colors can mean so many different things.  Art might be an illusion, but doesn't it feel that sometimes life is as well?

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