Our Top 5 Favorite Tropical Fruits

We are starting to get into spring and that means the summer is not to far off.  The summer is a great time to head to the beach and drink tropical drinks.  The other fun thing that happens in the summer is tropical fruits.  Here is a list of our favorite top 5 tropical fruits.

5.  Guava - We start the list with something unexpected.  Guava makes great jams and jellies and has a unique flavor. 

4.  Mango - How can you go wrong with mangos?  Mangos are one of the most popular fruits in the world.

3. Pineapple -  What else says summer more than pineapple?  An essential summer treat.

2.  Coconut - Nothing says hanging out on a tropical island more than coconut.  A delicious summer fruit.

1.  Watermelon -  The perfect summer fruit easy to cut and eat.  On a hot day there is nothing quite as refreshing as watermelon.

If you got a chance check out our Juicy Tropical Fruit fine art print series.  The collection is filled with some of our favorite fruits.

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