Nectar, The Building Blocks of Honey


Nectar according to the dictionary means "a sugary fluid secreted by plants, especially within flowers to encourage pollination by insects and other animals. It is collected by bees to make into honey."

How Honey is Made

The nectar is gathered from plants and flowers by honey bees.  The bees then transfer the nectar to one another by regurgitating it.  This partially digested nectar is then deposited into a honey comb.  It is then sealed up by the bee.

Nectar Contemporary Art Painting

All of this talk about honey and nectar leads us to my latest contemporary painting called "Nectar".  Nectar features flowers and honey bees.  The painting symbolizes the simplicity and complexity of life.  Honey needs to be made, but there are other factors.  Number one is the nectar.  The nectar is produced by the flowers pictured.  Yes they may be beautiful, but they also have a clear function, to reproduce and create nectar that will help with pollinate the plant by using the bees.  The bees are the workers they gather the nectar and they produce the honey.  Life is not so easy there are always obstacles.  The blue jay acts as a barrier to the production of honey.  Why birds don't really go after the bees it is mostly symbolic of life's troubles.  

Finally you have the main portrait in the center of the painting.  It is a beautiful woman.  She is in charge of the hive, she is the queen bee.  The others are the workers while she is the queen.  The queen bee is the center of the hive's activity.  She is similar to most of the mothers in households.    


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