Longboard Skateboarding 101

Longboard Skateboarding 101

About Longboarding

Longboard skateboarding also known as longboarding is a type of skateboarding which consists of riding a longboard skateboard. Longboarding became the action or hobby of riding a longboard skateboard over certain different types of terrain. Longboards are best ridden on downhill terrains, sliding terrains and in other types of terrain which give more thrilling experiences and sensations for a large number of longboard skateboarders.

That Constant Ride

Throughout the course of its existence, the longboard has also been popular among cruisers. Longboard skateboarders can attain cruising speeds while riding a longboard, usually less than 30 miles per hour in maximum cases. This particular characteristic is highly sought after since regular skateboards do not provide sufficient ability to achieve a constant cruising speed due to their overall design and size. The long size of a longboard as well as its design and characteristics help riders achieve high cruising speeds which have therefore popularized longboarding as a very thrilling form of skateboarding.

Transportation via Longboard

Even though the majority of people believe that longboarding is only used for recreational purposes and thrilling rides, its design, speed and overall beneficial characteristics different from a skateboard have also given the longboard the chance to become a means of transportation. Many companies have been studying different design technologies and remote controlled electronic systems that allow any person to directly control a longboard with wireless visual camera. Companies have conducted several tests to confirm the transportation of small packages over short and long distances, usually less than 10 miles, from one local point to another. This particular characteristic is highly useful given the need for many individuals to use their longboards for other purposes than recreation or travel.

longboard skateboarding 101

But what is Really the Difference?

Apart from being longer than a regular skateboard, the longboard is designed with a higher degree of stability, higher tension of traction, higher durability and modern lower wheel durometers. Companies are designing different longboards with different axles which in turn serve different functions than a regular skateboard altogether.

How to Longboard

Learning how to longboard is a very simple process for regular skateboarders. The only difference in learning how to longboard is to maintain a higher level of equilibrium between a distant space on the longboard, higher stability and the resistance or practice to endure higher speeds on a downhill terrain. Even though longboarding feels different than regular skateboarding, it requires more attention to detail, constant practice, experience with regular skateboards and other essential characteristics to fully dominate the fun and thrilling experience of longboarding.


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