Longboard Bearings Ceramic Vs Steel

Longboard Bearings Ceramic Vs Steel

Ceramic Bearings vs. Steel Bearings for Longboards

Two of the most common types of wheels for longboards are made from ceramic bearings and steel bearings. Each of these materials have different characteristics and aspects that must be taken into consideration whenever purchasing a longboard. Experts have always recommended ceramic bearings instead of steel bearings for a wide number of reasons. Ceramic bearings contain many different factors that are quite prevalent in the use of longboards, and consequently make up a big component of longboards for all types of riders, including professional longboard riders.


One of the most beneficial characteristic of ceramic bearings is its overall measurement. All ceramic bearings have the standard measurement of 0.8mm which directly represents the diameter measurement of the inner hole of the ceramic bearing itself. An 8mm measurement is considered a great type of measurement since it allows proper stability, control and smoothness in terms of ride quality whenever using any type of longboard.


Longboards need ceramic bearings instead of steel bearings due to their nature and dynamics. Long rides, dynamic movements and other types of motion on a longboard call for the necessity of durable ceramic bearings that are resistant to all these maneuvers on a constant basis. Steel bearings on the other hand tend to wear out quite easily when they are exposed to these types of maneuvers on a constant basis. The precision that ceramic bearings possess in terms of manufacturing standards, make them very resistant to these dynamics that longboards offer.


Durability is also a major component of ceramic bearings when compared to steel bearings. Ceramic bearings represent great approaches toward the durability of the bearing itself through prolonged usage, ensuring a great degree of durability that always surprises all skateboarders who practice longboarding.

The major characteristic in terms of durability in ceramic bearings is the overall texture and heat resistance toward friction. When longboarding, the bearings often undergo major friction against hard surfaces such as concrete or pavement; friction against these surfaces causes a great deal of heat that always minimizes the level of performance for all longboards that have steel bearings. This case is not present when ceramic bearings are present, ensuring an excellent level of heat resistance and the precise degree of friction to prevent inner and long term damage to the bearings.

Heat resistance is mainly achieved through the quality of materials present in the bearings. Ceramic bearings are manufactured with key materials that are highly resistant to heat and run cooler than all other materials, especially those made from steel and its derivatives. For this reason, it is strongly encouraged to choose ceramic bearings to achieve optimal reliability.

Keep your Bearings Clean!

Dirtiness and terrain debris stuck on the bearings can also affect the quality of longboarding and its dynamic effects. All bearings, regardless of whether they are ceramic-based or not, need optimal cleaning and lubricants to keep up in excellent performance. Ceramic bearings have the comparative advantage with steel bearings in that they are highly resistant to dirtiness and remain somewhat clean during prolonged sessions of longboarding. However, longboard bearings must be cleaned periodically in order to prevent future damage, longboards bearings also need to be lubricated every now and then in order to keep their optimal performance in excellent condition.

Another factor that plays huge important roles in the functionality and preference toward ceramic bearings is the fact that they are competitively priced. Their cost represents an excellent degree of affordability for all types of longboards, ensuring high quality, reliability and excellence in all aspects when the ceramic bearings are used instead of steel bearings. In many cases, depending upon the type of longboard, the ceramic bearing can be even more affordable than the steel bearing, giving shoppers the chance for an excellent level of affordability in the long run and the chance to truly experience the magnificence of ceramic bearings.

Experts recommend choosing ceramic bearings instead of steel bearings for all the above presented reasons. The bearings are highly useful for a wide variety of purposes, very resistant and often encompass an incredible level of reliability in the long run for longboards. Their great cost and affordability level gives bearings the chance to represent themselves as the true leaders in the bearings market for longboards. Their useful design, excellent level of functionality and prospect make them unique when compared to any other kind of bearing, including but not limited to steel bearings.

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Give yourself the chance to enjoy longboarding with the best of the best by choosing ceramic bearings instead of steel bearings. The effects, reliability, durability and price will make you so fascinated with the dynamics, maneuvers and movements within ceramic bearings that you will create long lasting memories throughout the different types of activities and rides that can be done with a longboard skateboard fully equipped with ceramic bearings.

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