Different types of Longboards

Different types of Longboards

Different Longboard Shapes


One of the most common shapes of longboards is Freeriding. Longboard freeriding consists of extreme aspects such as lots of sliding action, drifting and aggressive speeds in every possible way. Freeriding longboards are symmetrical, concaved for major security purposes, have the ability to surpass standardized speeds and often turn sideways for major thrilling experiences.


The second most popular longboard shape is speedboarding. This type of shape represents rigidness, strength and are compose one of the longest models ever created in longboards with an average length of 42 inches. Wheels are highly resistant and are directed toward those longboard skateboarders who love watching their checkpoints blaze downhill at major speeds.

Slalom Races

Slalom is the third longboard shape that represents longboard culture and is mainly directed to different types of races. All Slalom races are time limited and encompass three different types of races. The first type of race is Tight which is raced in flat ground and the longboard cones come at very close proximity. Hybrid races take place in slope terrain with varying distances between cones and lastly the Giant races take place on hills with a tremendous distance and carve between cones.


The last shape of longboards is Cruising. This particular shape allows longboarding on an average fast speed which does not entail any major turns, flips, tricks or races. The Cruising longboard is mostly used for cruising around within short and long distances at a fast speed if desired. It is the least extraneous form of shape and the one that entails more simplicity.

Start Riding

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