Creating the Perfect Art Inspired Merchandise

New Merchandise on the Way.

Many of my paintings have a very strong presence that make you look at them from even across a room.  Because of this I get people always asking me for more merchandise.  As a fine artist I try to focus on creating the paintings and artwork.  That takes so much time that I'm often out of time when it comes to making cool merchandise.  I'm also a very involved artist, so I won't just slap an image onto a shirt and say that looks good.  The artwork has to fit the design and make sense.  I'm here to make the world a more interesting and creative place, not to make a bunch of junk.

Check out the Boutique Section

I finally am happy with some of these designs and you will see them start to appear in the boutique section of the website.  One such example is the dress pictured above.  The pattern is based on my painting Tides.  The design makes a killer pattern for dresses and more.  Keep on stopping by and checking out the merch.  It will be cool.

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