Coastal Art Gets Ethereal: Painting the Blue Jellyfish

Childhood Woes

I never thought I would do jellyfish art, coastal art yes maybe but not jellyfish art.  As a kid I would hang out at the water a lot.  Mostly the beach and rocky shores.  I would ride my bike down to these spots after school or on the weekends.  I wasn't sure why, but I often felt more at home in between.  Not the land or the water, but the shore, that was my spot.  One thing I wasn't a fan of was jellyfish.  I would be happy hanging out on the shore and a jellyfish would swim by and ruin my day by stinging the heck out of me. 

Jellyfish Paintings and Jellyfish Art

Lately I've seen a lot of jellyfish paintings and various jellyfish art.  I never really thought about them much as an art subject.  All I remember is the little critters stinging the heck out of me.  I thought others would have the same feeling as I did.  I was wrong, there has been a surge of jellyfish paintings and jellyfish art.  It has become the fad for coastal artists to paint them.  Seeing these jellyfish paintings I understand how they can have this otherworldly beauty.  I never really noticed before.  Heck, I spent most of my time trying to avoid them and not looking at there beauty.  

Buck the Trends

I usually don't paint what is trendy or popular.  If I did I'd probably be crazy rich right now.  I didn't want to paint something that has been done before.  Something that I couldn't put my unique perspective on.  That brings us here to the blue jellyfish.

The Blue Jellyfish Painting

I decided I wanted to go dark. The painting would be a rich dark blue with a rich gradient from black to dark blue.  My jellyfish would be unique, almost ghost like.  With a glowing white glow the jellyfish would fill the canvas with wonder.  I did not pick a specific species of jellyfish when creating this painting.  I wanted the ethereal qualities to stand out.  I wanted it to have a shape, but yet no shape.  I wanted it to be solid, but at the same time not solid.  

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