CD Review: Eliot and the Evening Noose - Sing-a-Longs for Sinking Ships

CD Review: Eliot and the Evening Noose - Sing-a-Longs for Sinking Ships


...It all started in Jergins, Mississippi when controversial news anchor, Eely Pete, of Death News Channel 666 was arrested on fraud charges after allegedly breaking into the We Die Here! retirement center. It was speculated this morally lenient man of mischief invited himself to after hour visits, over the span of several months, to syringe blood from paralyzed patients with the intent of redistributing the blood, back to the facility, for personal profit.

Upon his check-in to the Jergins County Correctional Compound, he knew there was only one man who could possibly relate to his devious greed driven tactics of empowerment.

(phone rings)

"Duke Underwood... CEO of SouLe$$ Music... What the hell do you want?" - DU
"Duke... I'm in a sticky situation down at the correctional compound" -EP
"Who is this?"
"That's not important... I need you to bail me out and in return, I will supply you with an unlimited amount of bangers"
"Will they sell?"
"You bet your sweet ass they will."
"I'll be there in 5"

And so it began... Eely Pete made a deal with the devil, recruited his co-anchors to assist in the musical endeavor, and little ol' Jergins, Mississippi would never be the same, as it welcomed to existence...

Eliot & the Evening Noose.

 Reporting Live

Quite an intro song. I'll admit, I had no idea what to expect, but this song really seems to drag you in right away. The ambience continues to build until you're enveloped in a warm chorus with soaring melodies, and an almost call and response feel. Then it all climaxes, and you find yourself singing along and bobbing your head while you scurry to read the lyrics because you've realized you've never heard this before.

Like Humans Do

Super upbeat, (albeit the lyrics are sort of dark) but I love the quirk. With some incredible guitarwork (really this whole album has some insane musicianship) but LoG, who I can only assume is some sort of robot. Which is cool. He do just like humans do.

Time To Live

This song's got a great ballad feel, and the lyrics kinda make it feel like it should be a huge hit. The vocal melodies and strings in the background really give this song a huge moving feel.

We're Not Dead Yet

This song has some real bluegrass/worship feel, which in this case I really don't mind because they pull it off so damn well. Until that amazing groove hits, that further reinforces my belief that LoG is a robot, and I'm having my suspicions about Colbonyx....

Last Night

Another ballad for the new generation, Literally. I think everyone's been there at some point in life... hehehe amirite?

Thank You

A great way to end the album. It sort of ties together almost all the styles of music used in album in a really interesting way.

This Ship Ain't Sinkin' Anytime Soon

These guys are incredibly talented. Like reeally talented. Musically this album is structured wonderfully, everything works together pretty damn flawlessly. Frankly, I'm not a huge fan of music like this, but I cant stop listening to it.  Sing-A-Longs for Sinking Ships is that good. The production is wonderful, and the lyrics are powerful, and moving.

Eliot and the Evening Noose is:

Eely Pete: Words

LoG: Prayer

Colbonyx: Soul

You can listen to Sing-A-Longs for Sinking Ships here:



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