Beware the Rubber Ducks

Beware the Rubber Ducks

It is the Common Things we take for Granted.

Our lives are filled with common items we don't really think about.  Things like pillowcases or drapes.  Perhaps other items like plates, forks, spoons, soap or even a favorite bath time toy.  Let me tell you about the little known rubber duck experiment.

Charles Goodyear

Charles Goodyear developed a process to create vulcanized rubber.  After that, well everything changed.  One thing to develop from the vulcanized rubber was the creation of the rubber duck.  These ducks were not dangerous, heck they couldn't even float.  

Peter Ganine

Peter Ganine created the first truly successful rubber duck sculpture.  His little toy sculpture would bring on the sad truth.  People couldn't resist these little creatures. People bought up the little rubber ducks like there was no tomorrow.  It is estimated that 50 million of these ducks where sold.

The Ducks Began to Rise

While no one know just how it started to happen and why, but there was much more to the rubber ducks.  The ducks began to appear in places around the home and disappear from other locations.  It was as if the ducks had a mind of their own.  The ducks didn't really start to move around until the advent of television.  The waves that came from television seemed to give life to the small ducks.  The ducks began to meet together and started to take over homes of the elderly.

No Answer

The American Heartland was taken over by crazy things going on.  Many people blamed the Government or alien life.  There was much more to what was happening than just that.  The ducks would do things and get away with it.  The great floods of 1951 is believed to be caused by the rubber ducks.  McCarthyism is believed to be started by the rubber ducks.   No one would ever blame the small cute little rubber ducks.  Some people say that the formula for vulcanized rubber was given to Charles Goodyear by aliens to help further their cause in the future.

Jim Henson, the Hero

Rubber duck attacks kept happening all over the United States.  The small localized American Heartland attacks expanded into a much broader takeover.  All hope seemed lost.  There was nothing we could do, until one man found the answer.  The skilled puppeteer known as Jim Henson was aware of the rubber duck take over and he had an answer on how to take back control.  You see, Mr. Henson realized the ducks reacted to the television waves.  If he could only figure out how to use the television waves to his advantage.

Rubber Duckie

Jim Henson knew if he delivered a song on public television he could disarm the violent rubber duck uprising.  The song was performed in 1969 by one of Henson's brave puppets, Ernie.  Ernie carried around his favorite rubber duck and performed the song that would turn the angry rubber ducks into placid rubber playthings.  The song was performed by Ernie was known as Rubber Duckie.  The song sent just the right waves through the television and Jim Henson had saved us from the Rubber Duck uprising.  

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