Be Fierce

Societal Norms

In order to make society work, we must fit into social norms.  Attitudes like this often push up one set of people while pushing down another set.  Life is hard enough already.  You can look at how society has pushed down people so much.  For a fantastic example look at the television show Mad Men.  Mad Men is a sort of time capsule showing us what life was like in the 1960s.  We see women constantly be put down and made to stick to their correct place in society.  When a woman dares challenge society's place and wants more for herself, that is when she becomes an outcast or dare I say, Bitch? 

Alas, you say, that is a TV show.  I had a good friend of mine tell me that she had wanted to be an astronaut.  She was a highly educated woman and became a doctor, but in her time, women simply did not become astronauts.  They tell us this lie that we can be anything, well anything except what conforms to the "normal".   

Stop your complaining, the modern world is different, you tell me.  I get accused of complaining way too many times to count.  I complain because we can be better, we must be better.  The world today still has countless examples of women or other groups being put down.  If we stick to the argument of women, we look at the #metoo movement and we learn we really haven't learned our lesson.

What lies beneath

We all have a dream.  There is something that moves us.  Something that helps us all get up in the morning.  It helps us go through the crappy job because we know we are working towards our dream.  Society hates dreams and hates passion into want emotionless pegs to fit into a perfectly planned world where those in power stay in power, breaking the backs of those who are not educated and determined.  They create situation and lies to help you coast along, ways to entertain you.  We are now a society that binges and scrolls.  Like moths to a slowly killing flame, we forget who we are and what life means to us. 

Be Fierce

Society does not care about you.  However you identify yourself; it does not care.  Society just wants you to fit in, a part of the machine as they say.  I know you are more.  Think of all those before you who stuck out of society.  Those who had to be fierce.  Those who were insulted and abused, but then rose above.  There is a wild creature living in you, a wolf you have been giving dog food.  It is time to be fierce.  

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